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Tver State
Medical University

Founded in 1936

Medical Education in Russia

Russia at a glance



Russia, a land of great scholars, has been a leading centre of culture, science and education in Europe for centuries. The country of Pushkin, Toistoi, Checkov, Mendeleyev, Pavlov attracts people all over the world for education. Now Russian Universities are all open for international students and the graduates of Russian Universities are in demand in western countries.

Russia is a very large country and is situated in two continents of the world: Europe and Asia. There are all climatic zones except tropical one. Russia has large population, they speak different language but Russian is the most spoken language.

Higher Education System in Russia has its own remarkable distinction in the world stage. The Russian higher education standards with advanced and sophisticated teaching methods and scientific approaches are considered to be one of the best in the world. Russian degrees have gained global recognition and topped UNESCO rankings.

PiterStudents going to Russia have to live among, people whose manners and customs are likely to be different from theirs. While the primary object of their going abroad is to secure advanced education and training for which they leave their country and stay in a foreign land, travelling and living abroad in themselves are bound to provide valuable education and experience. Personal contacts with other people and understanding their ways of life and culture widen his mental horizon and his outlook on life generally.

There are more than 40 medical academies, universities and institutions spread throughout the country, which give the best qualification and skills to the students. We would like to introduce the most prestigious establishment, Tver State Medical University to you which provide you with the best medical education which is situated in the very heart of Russia, its The City Tver geographically situated between two capital cities, Moscow and St. Pestersburg. This University has a hundred years history and 50 years experience of training foreigners. The diplomas of this University are recognised by the Medical Council of India, MMC the Great Britain and other countries. The fact that tuition fees are lower in comparison with other universities, and the standards of training are very high makes Tver State Medical University more attractive to foreign citizens and plays the major role in the matter of choice.

Tver Knowledge and the practical skills, received by students, along with the international exposure in this University, permit them to seek various opportunities in many countries like USA, Canada, England etc.

You are always welcome in Russia for medical study!!!

Russia at a glance

Moscow (55°45'N 37°37'E)

Official languages
Russian official throughout nation; twenty-seven others co-official in various regions

17,075,400 km2 (1st)

142,008,838 (9th)

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