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Tver State
Medical University

Founded in 1936

Faculties → General Medicine

The Medical Faculty is the biggest structural and functional sub-division of the University. The Medical Faculty is based mainly in the Regional Clinical Hospital and some its Departments are affiliated to the city hospitals, and maternity homes. Modern diagnostics such as ultrasound, laser surgery, pass-by surgery, and treatment by haemodialisis are carried out in these hospitals.

Dr. V. Shepecht
Professor of
Saarbrukken University
(Germany) Dr. V. Shepecht

Foriegn scientists and medical consultants from countries such as the United States, Germany, Canada, Great Britain and other countries are invited to lecture at the University.

An examination at the dept. of Anatomy
An examination at the dept.
of Anatomy
A practical class at the dept. of Fundermental medicine
A practical class at the dept.
of Fundermental medicine

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