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Tver State
Medical University

Founded in 1936

Information For International Students

Tver State Medical University is recognised by WHO, so it is recognised in all countries of the world. Students from more than 50 countries study in TSMU, mainly from Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, India, Sri Lanka and other countries of Africa, Asia and South American Continents. In this University students can study in English Medium as well as Russian Medium.

English Medium: In English Medium, students can get admission directly in first course where medical subjects are tought in English. The students who have chosen English Medium do not have to study the preparatory course. They will be admitted directly to the first course based upon the test results. The duration of course is 5.8 years.

Russian Medium: The program is the same as that of English Medium, the only difference being that the academic procedures are in Russia. After 8 months Russian language course, the students will be admitted in the first course. Although coaching is given in Russia, they will be given a chance to sit in English Medium lectures and special training for USMLE and screening test. Total duration is 6.6 years.

Internationl Students